Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into with Groundhopticket.nl and dated 01-01-2020

Chamber of Commerce: 76599558


2.1 The agreement is concluded by the traveler’s acceptance of the offer made by Groundhopticket.nl. Acceptance by the traveler usually takes place electronically (via the booking module on the website or via e-mail), but can also be done in writing.

2.2 When accepting the offer, please ensure that you provide Groundhopticket.nl with your details completely and correctly. Groundhopticket.nl assumes the correctness of the data! If a booking has to be adjusted afterwards due to incorrect or incomplete information, all costs will be for your account.

2.3 After the agreement has been concluded, you will receive a confirmation of the agreement in writing or electronically (by e-mail). You are obliged to check this confirmation carefully for any errors immediately after receipt. This concerns, among other things, travel dates, competition time and date and personal data. If the information in the confirmation is not correct, you must contact Groundhopticket.nl immediately, but at the latest within 24 hours. Changes to the flight or the names often lead to additional costs even if changed within 24 hours. Groundhopticket.nl is not liable for damage or costs if it later appears that the information is incorrect. Costs associated with an adjustment of a booking due to incorrect or incomplete information are for your account.

2.4 Groundhopticket.nl enters into the agreement with the proviso that it can actually reserve the booked parts. In this context, Groundhopticket.nl reserves the right to cancel the agreement within 48 hours (or at least 1 working day) after receipt of the agreed travel sum, in which case Groundhopticket.nl will refund the paid travel sum within 5 working days after payment.

2.5 Changes in transport or other costs or levies that take place after booking (VAT, airport or tourist taxes and fuel surcharges) are never passed on to the customer by Groundhopticket.nl. The travel sum for which you have booked your trip can therefore never fluctuate for these reasons after the booking has been made.

2.6 Obvious (i.e. information of which it is clear to the average traveler that it is an error or mistake) errors and mistakes in the information provided by or on behalf of Groundhopticket.nl and its suppliers (whether or not via the website) or in the agreement are not binding on Groundhopticket.nl. Groundhopticket.nl accepts no liability for this. Groundhopticket.nl also reserves the right to revoke apparent errors in offers.


The travel sum must be credited to the account of Groundhopticket.nl at the specified time. Groundhopticket.nl accepts down payments, about which an agreement has already been made in that case. If you have booked the trip using a deposit, we will send you a reminder about the remaining payment 6 weeks before departure. The payment term is a strict deadline only after you have not responded to the third reminder; if payment has not been made on time (i.e. after the third reminder and 4 weeks before departure), you will be in default and interest and any costs incurred by Groundhopticket.nl in connection with your default (for example, because Groundhopticket.nl has to pay its suppliers payment as well as collection costs) are fully for your account.

Vouchers can be used to pay for a trip in full or in part. Vouchers are valid for 18 months unless otherwise stated on the voucher. If a voucher has expired, it can no longer be used.


4.1 Groundhopticket.nl will always ensure an appropriate travel schedule within which a visit to the match is reasonably possible. However, it is your own responsibility to actually arrive on time for the match.

4.2a If you are unable to participate in the trip and/or attend the booked event/match due to a cause that is not your fault, for example due to a delay/cancellation of the flight, due to cancellation/relocation of the match, or due to a change in the match times of which you could not have been informed in time, Groundhopticket.nl will assist you as much as possible and assist you in looking for a solution. N.B. This concerns situations where the first day of travel has already started.

4.2b In the event that a match falls outside the flight schedule due to match rescheduling, the customer can contact Groundhopticket.nl. Groundhopticket.nl will help the customer where possible, but is not responsible for any additional costs that must be incurred


4.3 Groundhopticket.nl is authorized to change the agreement on an essential point due to weighty circumstances that have been communicated to you without delay. Groundhopticket.nl is also authorized to change the agreement due to important circumstances that have been communicated to you without delay, even if you would suffer a minor disadvantage as a result. This includes, but is not limited to, minor adjustments to flight times.

4.4 If a match is canceled or rescheduled, purchased tickets cannot be exchanged for money unless Groundhopticket.nl receives a refund from the club or intermediary.

4.5 If a match is played without an audience, you will be given the option of a refund or to keep the tickets for the same match in the new season.

4.6 Other costs incurred by the customer (eg hotel, plane ticket, etc.) cannot be recovered from Groundhopticket if a match is moved and/or changed.


5.1 If you are unable to participate in the trip, someone else can be placed in your place under the conditions set out in paragraph 2.

5.2 The conditions for substitution are: a) the other party meets all the conditions associated with the trip/match, b) the request is submitted no later than 7 days before departure or so in time that the necessary actions and formalities for substitution can still be performed, c) the terms and conditions of the supplier(s) of Groundhopticket.nl do not oppose the substitution and d) any costs associated with the substitution must be paid in full by you/the other party in a timely manner.


If you cancel the trip, you will still owe Groundhopticket.nl the travel sum. However, if it is possible for Groundhopticket.nl to cancel the booked parts with its suppliers without Groundhopticket.nl continuing to owe the price or incurring costs, Groundhopticket.nl will refund 75% of the total travel sum. In that case, it is also possible to have 100% of the travel sum refunded in the form of a credit at Groundhopticket.nl. From one week before departure, the cancellation costs are always 100%. We ask you to notify us of a cancellation in writing (by email). We will respond within one working day with a cancellation confirmation and the cancellation costs and explanation thereof. Of course it is also possible to first receive a statement of the cancellation costs.
6.1 If you cancel individual tickets, you will still owe Groundhopticket.nl the amount. If it is possible for Groundhopticket.nl to sell the tickets at the supplier or in another way, you can receive 75% of the sales price back.

6.2 After payment of your trip and/or tickets, your right of withdrawal lapses immediately.


7.1 No later than 7 days before departure, Groundhopticket.nl will provide you with the necessary travel documents, including (if applicable) your hotel reservation and flight details/tickets. The football tickets are usually ready at the hotel, will be sent by post to the postal address you have provided or will be sent by e-mail together with the other travel documents to the e-mail address of your choice. This concerns cards for the home zone of the destination club. Keep this in mind. It is not allowed to wear the club clothes of the opposing team during the match. If the travel documents are not in your possession at least 5 days before departure, you must immediately contact Groundhopticket.nl.

7.2 You are obliged to carefully check the travel documents provided by Groundhopticket.nl for any errors immediately after receipt. If the travel documents are not correct, you must immediately contact Groundhopticket.nl. Groundhopticket.nl is not liable for damage or costs if it later appears that the travel documents are incorrect. Costs associated with an adjustment of the travel documents due to the provision of incorrect or incomplete information will be borne by you.

7.3 The match tickets are always for the home section, unless otherwise booked in advance. It is not allowed to wear the club colors of the away side during the match.

7.4 Groundhopticket.nl uses season/member cards for many matches. The customer must return these season/member cards to one of our tour guides after the competition or return them to Groundhopticket.nl, preferably with a track & trace code as it will also be sent to you. the delivery of the match cards always include an instruction with what the customer should do with the match cards after the match. The customer is liable for any costs and damage that Groundhopticket.nl must incur or suffer, if the customer does not comply with those instructions.

7.5 Groundhopticket.nl guarantees only booking of an even number of people that no one is alone, unless stated otherwise. You may be placed in pairs of 2. When booking an odd number of people, we do not guarantee that no one will be alone for every match. The customer is responsible for inquiring from Groundhopticket.nl before payment what the seat allocation is for the specific match.

7.6 You are responsible for having the correct and valid border and travel documents such as a valid passport/identity card, visa and any health documents. You will have to obtain information about this yourself from the designated authorities. Groundhopticket.nl is not liable for damage or costs if you do not have correct and valid border and travel documents.

7.7 Groundhopticket.nl. strongly recommends that you take out travel and cancellation insurance. This is not included in your booking.

7.8 Groundhopticket.nl reserves the right to ‘upgrade’ match tickets to a better location free of charge. This can only be done after approval in writing or by telephone from the buyer.


8.1 Groundhopticket.nl undertakes to implement the agreement in accordance with the expectations that you may reasonably have on the basis of the agreement. You yourself must comply with all instructions, directions and general terms and conditions (or booking conditions) of Groundhopticket.nl and the auxiliary persons and suppliers engaged by it.

8.2 Groundhopticket.nl accepts no liability for any damage claims of any kind if:

A) the shortcoming cannot be attributed to it or to the person whose assistance it uses in the execution of the agreement, because: – the shortcoming is attributable to you; or – the shortcoming could not have been foreseen or could not be remedied and is attributable to a third party not involved in the delivery of the services included in the trip; or – the shortcoming is due to an event that Groundhopticket.nl or the person whose assistance it uses in the execution of the agreement could not foresee or remedy, taking all possible care; or – the shortcoming is due to force majeure, being abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of the person invoking it and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions; B) you have been able to recover your damage under an insurance policy, such as travel and/or cancellation insurance and/or health insurance, or if you have already been compensated in another way; C) and to the extent that any treaty or law excludes or limits liability.

8.3 Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraphs of this article, the liability of Groundhopticket.nl for damage other than caused by death or injury and loss of travel enjoyment is limited to a maximum of three times the travel sum. Groundhopticket.nl’s liability for lost travel enjoyment/money money is limited to a maximum of once the travel sum.


9.1 Groundhopticket.nl does its utmost to ensure that your trip runs smoothly. Nevertheless, problems can arise. If at any time you unexpectedly have a complaint or a problem occurs, you must report this immediately to the designated emergency number of Groundhopticket.nl and confirm this report in writing (by e-mail or by post) to Groundhopticket.nl. . This notification serves to enable Groundhopticket.nl to solve the problem, if possible on the spot and immediately, by one of our tour guides.

9.2 Complaints that have not been reported or not immediately (demonstrably) reported during the trip in accordance with Article 9.1 will not be processed upon return. If your complaint, reported in time, is not resolved as desired while traveling, you must submit it to Groundhopticket.nl within 30 days of your return by e-mail (info@groundhopticket.nl) or in writing, failing which the complaint will not be resolved. more will be considered and your rights, if any, will expire. If you have submitted your complaint in time, Groundhopticket.nl will respond to the complaint by e-mail or letter within a maximum period of 10 working days.


10.1 If damage is caused by the traveler, this must be reported to Groundhopticket.nl.

10.2 If damage is not disclosed and Groundhopticket.nl receives an invoice for the damage, it will be forwarded to the guilty party.

10.3 Checking the hotel room is up to the traveler. Any damage reported in advance will be reported to the hotel and the traveler is not responsible for this.

10.4 Damage that is clearly caused unconsciously will be partly reimbursed by Groundhopticket in consultation with the traveler.


11.1 If the customer resell the tickets from Groundhopticket a fine of €250 will be charger per ticket.

11.2 If the customer doesn't pay the fine with 5 working days, an additional fine will be added of €150 per ticket. After this addition the fine will be forwarded towards a collection agency